Hey Guys I have been on a journey to find natural solutions for my Every day Mommy life.  As I continue to find new solutions. I will share them with you!

There is a ton of  crazy hype about essential oils? You see them at the grocery store and everywhere you go. I hear you. I was too! I kept hearing all this “noise” about these magic potions and thought, “Seriously? People just smell these bottles or rub these ‘crazy’ oils on their skin and than magic happens?”

Yes. Believe it or not, that is EXACTLY what happens. As I share my story here with you, you’ll understand why I was in such massive disbelief at first and why now, today, I tell everyone that I am an oil junkie! 

Essential Oils are amazing and powerful gifts of the earth.  They continue to amaze me and have changed my life! 

There are so many uses and applications for Essential Oils such as helping support wellness challenges, day to day living, using them with your kids, helping support your emotions, cleaning around the house, weight loss, a non – toxic home environment, skin care, supporting your health and wellness, to help you focus, enjoy more energy, daily supplements and nutrition and so much more.

I started when my 5 year old at the time kept coming down with a cold seemed like every other week. I had remembered I had bought a box of oils from a friend and decided to pull them out of my drawer and try it. 

I took the breathe oil out and put it in my hand with some coconut oil and rubbed it on his little chest while he was sleeping and minutes later the cough was gone.. from there on I was hooked! I continued to learn and try new things for our family and just was amazed by the results. 

I welcome you to start your journey discovering all the wonderful uses of Essential Oils.  You will discover how you can use individual oils and apply them topically on your skin, how you can us them aromatically by diffusing them, how you can take them internally and even use them with your cooking.

You can create your own unique blends or purchase existing blends for a variety of uses.